Drive Bender v2 ER1 is just about to arrive, purchase v1 now with a 50% discount, and receive v2 free upon release. This discount is valid only until the release of v2, so get in fast!

Drive Bender for Windows is state of the art, single point storage pool technology for all versions of Microsoft Windows (read more).

  • Create a storage pool of any size, using hard drives of varying types and sizes.
  • Add a drive to the pool in seconds, any existing files on the drive remain intact and accessible.
  • Enterprise level architecture, Drive Bender is designed for stability and won't bog down your system when the going gets tough.
  • Integrated S.M.A.R.T. monitoring out of the box, using the "best in class" Hard Disk Sentinel engine.
  • Classic or advanced Windows Server (WHS, SBSE etc) dashboard interfaces. 
  • File duplication down to the folder level, and the tools to management them (soon to be "cloud capable", allowing duplicates to be stored in the cloud).
  • Features "Smooth Stream" , a file reading technology that can improve the raw streaming rate of a file up to 140% (soon to be bi directional).
  • Thin provisioning, you set the size of the pool regardless of the underlying drives. 
  • Convert any existing Windows drive into a pooled drive in seconds.
  • Real time performance metrics such as read / write rate and file type count.
  • 60 day full functioning trial.